McDonald’s to open branch at the Louvre


France is now the largest McDonald’s market outside of the U.S., but the French are upset over the fast-food giant’s plan of putting up a burger outlet inside Mona Lisa’s lair: the Louvre.

”This is the last straw,” London’s Telegraph quoted one art historian as saying. ”This is the pinnacle of exhausting consumerism, deficient gastronomy and very unpleasant odours in the context of a museum.”

According to the report, a McDonald’s restaurant and McCafe will open next month in the Carrousel du Louvre, the underground shopping plaza beneath the glass pyramid in the museum courtyard.

The opening will celebrate the fast food chain’s 30th year in France.

The Louvre has the right to reject any establishments it feels clashes with the museum’s standards, but they didn’t. I guess it’s all about the money.