McGee to Bullock: “I’m Sorry”

In an interview with Australian television show Today Tonight, one of the mistresses of Jesse James made a public apology to Sandra Bullock. Then she pointed fingers to James for leading her on.Michelle-McGee

Michelle McGee said that she felt bad for Sandra. When asked if what she would like to say to her she declared, “I want to give her a heartfelt apology…. Sandra, I’m sorry for your embarrassment. I’m sorry all this is public. I’m sorry for everything… I’m sorry for her embarrassment and pain. I do feel really bad about it.”

She then pointed out that if there is anyone to blame about the whole scenario it would be James. She claimed that James told her that he and Bullock are no longer together. She said that now she felt duped and lied at in the same manner that Bullock was duped and lied at. She ended by stating that had James been truthful from the very beginning they wouldn’t be in this mess.