Meet Herbert Chavez: The Man Who Would Be Superman

Over the past ten years or so, Herbert Chavez has endured pain and spent a lot of his hard-earned money to become a real life Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent.

The 35-year-old Filipino has undergone several cosmetic operations to copy the physical appearance of comic superhero Superman, with whom he has been fascinated ever since he was a child. “Superman is my idol. I want to look like him,” he said. Chavez, who works as a fashion designer, has had surgeries to make his nose higher, jaws firmer, and skin whiter. “I copied his nose and the proportion of Superman’s face,” said Chavez, whose changed appearance has amused his neighbors in his hometown of Calamba, Laguna, south of the capital Manila.

Chavez, whose house is full of Superman collectibles and memorabilia, is not stopping with Superman’s face. He intends to look like the comic character from head to toe. He has already had surgery to make his thighs slimmer and is now planning to have metals inserted in his legs to make him taller. Also in the horizon is an operation to copy Superman’s ripped stomach muscles.