Megan Fox is Wonder Woman?

megan fox wonder woman

A new website has revealed an image of Megan Fox in the role of Wonder Woman.

The image, at the website, shows the 22-year-old Hollywood babe clad as the Amazon warrior princess.

Lucy Lawless was offered the role and actually turned it down. It was also announced in a false rumor that Kate Beckinsale got the part. But according to, Warner Brothers has issued a denial, insisting that no such movie is planned.

It’s caused some debate and curiosity but has generally been dismissed as bogus, though no one knows the purpose of the site.

The comic book origin of Wonder Woman is based on ancient Greek stories of the Amazons, who were said to have lived in Themiscyra at the mouth of the river Thermodon – this is today’s river Terme in northern Turkey, near the shore of the Black Sea.

The picture above looks fake and kind of airbrushed but I would love to see Megan’s sexy body in that outfit. I think she would be a better Wonder Woman than Beyonce.