Megan Fox Wears 18-Inch Corset in “Jonah Hex”

Megan Fox has revealed that her waistline was reduced to 18 inches for the movie “Jonah Hex” with the help of a tight-fitting corset that left marks on her skin and made her ribs ache.

The 24-year-old actress said the corset was loosened up a bit during the fight scenes so as to make her more comfortable and give her more freedom to move. “We got it down to 18 inches. But in the action scenes, we loosened it up, because everyone was afraid I was going to pass out,” she said.

Fox said her midsection would be marked by the deep grooves left by the corset at the end of the day. “The next 24 hours I’d be imprinted with the corset. It hurts your ribs!” Despite the torture of wearing the body constricting garment, Fox said she would be willing to slip into another corset if the right role comes along. “I do think there’s a place for corsets…They should make a reappearance. I enjoy them, but maybe I’m sick,” she said.

Fox plays the gun-wielding prostitute Lilah in the film adaptation of the Western-themed DC comics. Josh Brolin plays the title character “Jonah Hex” and love interest of Fox, who earlier this year rejected a chance to appear in the third Transformers movie. “Jonah Hex” will open in theaters on June 18.