Mel Gibson and Leonardo DiCaprio join forces for Viking flick


What do we know about the Vikings? They came from Scandinavia. Check. They wore helmets with thorns. Check. They were great travelers— raiding, trading and settling in other lands. Check. Oh, did I mention Brett Favre sucks?

All kidding aside, Norse history is going to hit in a big way next year. First, there’s Thor, a live-action flick featuring the Marvel Comics character set to be released in May. And now, according to Variety, Mel Gibson is slated to direct a film about the Vikings starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The movie is untitled at the moment, but will feature a screenplay written by William Monahan who penned The Departed and Body of Lies, two motion pictures that Leo had starred in.

The principals won’t reveal many details but we can presume this will be a bloody action epic. I haven’t seen a decent Viking flick since Richard Fleischer’s The Vikings (1958) so I’m very excited about this upcoming film.