Mel Gibson Domestic Violence Complaint to be Decided Soon

A decision on whether ex-lovers Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva would face off in court on domestic violence allegations would be known soon.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Steve Whitmore said detectives are winding down their investigation into allegations that Gibson mistreated Grigorieva. Once the investigation is completed, the police would submit a report to the District Attorney, who would then decide whether the complaint filed by Grigorieva should become a full-blown court battle. Whitmore said a decision on the investigation could come in around two weeks.

The fight between the two former lovers, who have an eight-month-old daughter, became public when audio recordings of their alleged violent arguments surfaced on the Internet. Whitmore had said that the recordings are being used in the investigation. A photograph of a purportedly battered Grigorieva was also released online. Gibson dismissed the photograph as a fake and accused Grigorieva of trying to extort money from him. The former couple are also locked in a bitter custody battle over their daughter.