Merry Christmas Arrested After Causing Disturbance

Merry Christmas was arrested last Sunday, December 14 and has spent a night in jail after causing some disturbance in Boynton Beach,


She is forty-four year old Merry Christmas, yes, that’s her real name and she was born December 28, 1964. And yes, she really was arrested last Sunday for obstruction of justice. A police officer was interviewing a woman living in Christmas’s street for some disturbance she was causing. NBC Chicago reported.

Christmas then began shouting at the woman being interviewed. She answered her back. The police officer told Christmas to back off so that the officer can continue with the interview.

Christmas did not and continued arguing with the woman being interviewed.

The police officer then tried to arrest Christmas for obstruction of justice.

Another man, Dexter Johnson, shoved the officer who was arresting Christmas. He was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and was sent to jail together with Christmas.

Christmas and Johnson were released later on and both are set to appear in court.