Meteor Fragment Lands on a Farmer’s Shed Roof

A fragment of the meteor that burst into a fireball over the night sky of Wisconsin last Wednesday, April 14, landed in the roof of the shed of a farmer west of Madison.meteor

The rock was found at around 8:30 AM Thursday, April 15.

It has measurements of approximately 2 inches by 3/4 of an inch and weighs 7.5 grams. It is peppered with gray, white, and reddish minerals while the others side is covered by a thin “fusion crust” of darker material that formed when the meteor heated up as it passed through Earth’s atmosphere.

Researchers at the Department of Geoscience in the University of Wisconsin – Madison was able to analyze the rock last Friday, April 16. They found presence of the following: magnesium, iron, silica-containing compounds, including the common minerals olivine and pyroxene, iron-nickel metal and iron sulfide.

It is believed that there are many other pieces or fragments of the meteor scattered across southern Wisconsin.