‘Meteor’ Lights Up U.S. Midwest

The U.S. Midwest is abuzz with UFO talks after a huge fireball lit up the skies late Wednesday night. The National Weather Service said the light lasted about 15 minutes and disintegrated into smaller pieces before disappearing. The fireball was reportedly seen in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio.

Some people reported hearing a long sonic boom at the time that the fireball was seen over the Midwest skies. The huge noise was followed by the shaking of houses and trees, among other things, the NWS said. Experts have yet to exactly identify the fireball, but the NWS believes that it may have been a wayward meteor that made its way into earth. According to the NWS, The Gamma Virginids meteor shower, which began on April 4, is still ongoing and it may have caused the massive fireball.

The NWS said it has yet to determine if parts of the suspected meteor hit the ground after disintegrating.