Mexican “King of Heroin” Falls

The long arm of the law has finally caught up with one of Mexico’s biggest drug lords. Mexican authorities said Jose Antonio Medina, dubbed “King of Heroin” for running a drug network that smuggled some 440 pounds of heroin each month, was arrested in an operation in the state of Michoacan.

Medina is believed to be responsible for supplying thousands of pounds of heroin to the Southern California drug market each year. The arrest is a significant victory for Mexican authorities, who are currently trying to quell a spurt of drug-related violence in Ciudad Juarez. Medina’s fall is also important for the U.S., as American syndicates are slowly shifting to Mexican cartels as their sources of heroin, replacing Colombian organizations.

Mexican police are under pressure to neutralize drug cartels, as violence continues to plague the country. On Thursday, another decapitated body was found in Juarez. Earlier this week, the dismembered bodies of two police officers were found outside a police station in Guerrero state.