Michael Douglas’ Ex Seeks Share of “Wall Street” Sequel Earnings

One of the costliest divorces in Hollywood history continues to hound Michael Douglas. Douglas’ ex-wife, Diandra, who ran away with a fortune when their divorce was finalized in 2000, has filed a case in New York in a bid to get a share of the actor’s earnings from the upcoming sequel of the hit film “Wall Street.”

Diandra said in court papers filed earlier this month that she is entitled to 50 percent of Douglas’ earnings for the soon to be released “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” as stipulated in their divorce, which gives her a share of any movies, including spinoffs, the actor did during their 23-year marriage.

However, Douglas’ lawyer, Marilyn Chinitz, said Diandra should not get anything from “Wall Street 2” as it is a sequel, not a spinoff. Chinitz said Diandra is merely driven by greed.

Diandra is believed to have received an estimated $45 million and two houses as part of a divorce settlement with Douglas, who was accused by his ex of being an alcoholic and a sex addict.