Michael Douglas in “Precarious” Health

Michael Douglas Vanity Fair April 2010 CoverMichael Douglas is still far from being healed despite undergoing chemo and radiation therapy for throat cancer.

Director Oliver Stone said Douglas is still “suffering” from the effects of his illness, which was diagosed only in August when it was already in its advanced stage. Stone said that he is worried for Douglas because the Oscar-winning actor’s health remains in a “precarious” state.

Stone, who is in Germany to promote “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” said Douglas was supposed to accompany him to Europe but had to stay in the U.S. to continue his treatment. Douglas, 66, attended the premiere of “Money Never Sleeps” several weeks ago, although he barely spoke during the event in New York.

Stone’s statement came just several days after Catherine Zeta-Jones, Douglas’ wife, said that her husband is doing “really well” as he winds down his eight-week intensive treatment. Doctors have given Douglas a high probability of beating the cancer and have expressed optimism with the actor’s response to the treatment. “He’s doing fine thanks. He’s strong and the doctors are so happy and he’s just about to complete – what anyone who’s gone through it knows – a pretty grueling eight weeks,” Zeta-Jones said in an interview over the weekend.