Michael Douglas Wins “Wall Street” Battle Against Ex-Wife

Michael Douglas can keep to himself his earnings from the sequel to the film “Wall Street” after a New York judge dismissed a case file by the actor’s ex-wife, who insists that she in entitled to a share of his former husband’s take from “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.”

In his decision dismissing Diandra Luker’s suit, state Supreme Court Judge Matthew F. Cooper said that the case would be better settled at the Santa Barbara, California, court where the former couple’s complex divorce settlement was finalized. “After balancing all competing interests and factors, the California court is the more convenient forum for this matter to be tried.”

Luker is demanding that she be given half of Douglas’ earnings from “Money Never Sleeps” as stipulated in their divorce settlement. Under the divorce deal approved in 2000, Luker is entitled to half of the earnings of Douglas’ projects related to work he did when they were still married. Douglas and Luker were married in 1977, ten years before the original “Wall Street” was released. However, Douglas’ camp insists that “Money Never Sleeps” is not a sequel and not related to the original “Wall Street” and is therefore not covered by the divorce deal.