Michael Jackson Autopsy Reveals He Had Tattoos

The autopsy report for Michael Jackson was released Monday, February 8 and indicates that, besides dying of acute propofol intoxication, the singer had the skin disorder of vitiligo and had scars and tattoos.michael-jackson

Some of the findings are as follows:

  • He died of acute propofol intoxication. He was given a powerful anesthetic that is only administered for a major surgery.
  • He had skin pigmentation disorder vitiligo and had white patches on his chest, abdomen, face and arms.
  • He had frontal balding and wore a wig. At the mortuary, it was discovered that underneath his long, dark wig, he has one-and-a-half inch dark, curly natural hair.
  • He had small scars on his nose, knee, shoulder, neck, wrists and behind both ears.
  • He had a bandage at the tip of his nose.
  • He had dark tattoos done near both eyebrows and a pink one near the lips
  • He weighed 136 pounds, stood 5’9” and described as thin.