Michael Jackson converts to Islam with new name Mikaeel

Michael is now a Muslim with new name: Mikaeel

Michael is now a Muslim with new name: Mikaeel

“Former” pop superstar Michael Jackson converts to Islam and changed his name to Mikaeel the sun reports.

Michael or Mikaeel was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, said to have sat on the floor and worn a small hat while an imam officiated at the home of Steve Porcaro, composer from his Thriller album.

Jackson is said to have been encouraged by David Wharnsby, a canadian songwriter and Phillip Bubal, a producer, who both approached him after they spotted him looking ‘a bit down’.

A source told The Sun:

“They began talking to him about their beliefs, and how they thought they had become better people after they converted. Michael soon began warming to the idea.”

His brother Jermaine Friday, previously hinted Jackson was considering converting to the religion.

“An Imam was summoned from the mosque and Michael went through the shahada, which is the Muslim declaration of belief.” Mikaeel is the name of one of Allah’s angels.”

Jackson rejected an alternative name, Mustafa — meaning “the chosen one”.

‘When I came back from Mecca I got him a lot of books and he asked me lots of things about my religion and I told him that it’s peaceful and beautiful,’ said Friday, who embraced the faith in 1989.

Why did Michael converted to Islam? Well, maybe the real reason is for him to wear a Burkha to cover his face. LOL!

[photo: mail online]