Michaele Salahi Runs Off with Journey Guitarist

White House gatecrasher Michaele Salahi was reported kidnapped by her husband, Tareq, on Tuesday, but the “Real Housewife of D.C.” star told authorities that she actually went on a journey away from their conjugal home.

Tareq Salahi called the Warren County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday to report Michaele Salahi missing. Tareq told authorities that he had not seen his wife for six hours and that he was worried someone abducted her. However, the Sheriff’s Office said that they have talked to Michaele Salahi and learned that she was with “a good friend,” who turned out to be Journey guitarist Neal Schon. A rep for the band also denied Tareq’s kidnapping angle, telling TMZ that “nobody kidnapped her (Michaele) and they (Salahi and Schon) are in Memphis together.”

Deputy Mike Glavis said that Michaele Salahi did not want Tareq to know where she was. “Mrs. Salahi advised Deputy Glavis that she was very sorry that the Sheriff’s Office had to be involved, but she did not want to be home right now,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.