Michigan Senate Passes Anti-Smoking Bill

Michigan is posed to become the 38th state that will ban smoking in public spaces after the state senate voted 24-13 ending a long battle between anti-smoking enthusiasts and a group of bar and restaurant owners.smoking-cigarette-ban

The ban will take effect on May 1, 2010 and will cover bars, restaurants and other workplaces. The gaming floors of Detroit’s three casinos are exempted so it would still be a fair competition to the Indian tribal casinos that are also not part of the ban. The bars and restaurants of those casinos are covered by the ban.

The state House has concurred with the state senate with the vote 75-30.

The new law should have been enacted last year but the bill, which back then did not include any exemptions for casinos, did not pass the floor. Casino owners argued that since Indian run casinos are exempted, customers would flock those areas and they would lose revenue. Hence, the gaming floor exemption was introduced to the bill this year.

The bill is now for signing with Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. She is expected to sign it.