Mickey Rourke will wrestle Chris Jericho in Wrestlemania 25

Golden Globe winning actor Mickey Rourke has signed up to make a special appearance in the WWE‘s Wrestlemania 25 in Houston April 5.

mickey rourke chris jericho wrestlemania

The 56-year-old actor made the announcement on the red carpet at the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night.

“The nicest thing has been the whole wrestling community embracing us,” Rourke tells E! News. “The movie was about their world and so I think maybe I’m gonna do Wrestlemania in Houston.

Rourke, who has recently got an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Randy “The Ram” Robinson in “The Wrestler“, says he is heading to Reliant Stadium to wrestle WWE superstar Chris Jericho.

mickey rourke chris jericho wrestlemania

“I had some dialogue with Vince McMahon and Rick Flair, Roddy Piper and all the rest of them and they’ve been really supportive.”

Rourke then boasted: “Chris Jericho, you better get in shape. Because I’m coming after you’re a**.”

Rourke vs. Jericho. Who will win?