Microsoft Closes Skype Deal

Microsoft-SkypeSkype has officially become a member of the Microsoft family.

The announcement Friday follows the European Commission’s approval of the $8.5-billion sale last week. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission gave the Microsoft-Skype deal the go signal way back in June, about a month after the sale was officially announced.

In approving the acquisition, the EU said that it did not see any unfair competition arising from the deal. “In the area of consumer communications, the investigation found that the parties’ activities mainly overlap for video communications, where Microsoft is active through its Windows Live Messenger. However, the Commission considers that there are no competition concerns in this growing market where numerous players, including Google, are present,” the EU said in a statement.

The EU also struck down fears that Microsoft might make Skype exclusive to its Windows operating system, saying that such a move would even be detrimental to the Skype brand. Skype chief and now president for Microsoft’s Skype division said the popular VoIP program will continue to be available to other machines and mobile devices running other operating systems such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.