Microsoft Issues Apology to Suspended XBox Live Player Due to His Hometown’s Name

fort-GayMicrosoft has apologized to an Xbox Live player for suspending his account because they thought he was using an offensive name in his account for his hometown. The company apologized also to the town of Fort Gay, West Virginia due to the incident.

National Post reports that Josh Moore, 26, hoped that his account will not be suspended by trying to explain to a representative of the company that the name of his hometown is real and that he did not intent to be discriminatory. He was not successful in convincing the representative who cancelled his account while keeping his $12 monthly fee.

The town mayor, David Thompson, and a local television also tried to help in proving that the town is real.

Fort Gay is located in Wayne County and was chartered in 1875 with ZIP Code 25514 and Area Code of 304.

Microsoft finally reinstated Moore’s account and has apologized to him and the town for their mistake. They said that they will improve training in handling such cases so that it won’t happen again.