Microsoft Kin Phones Cancelled After Only 2 Months in Market

the_kinMicrosoft announced that it will no longer continue the marketing of its mobile phone The Kin after it generated poor sales in the United States.

The phone has only been in the market since May 6 online and May 13 in stores. It was announced last April 12. The Kin, which comes in two versions, Kin One and Kin Two, were aimed to young consumers aged 15-30 for social networking. It is exclusive to Verizon network.

It also lack what many of mobile phone users now are looking for: applications, or as they are now called these days, apps.

The scheduled European release was already cancelled. Sales for the US market will continue until the units are exhausted. Kin One price dropped from $150 to $29.99 and Kin Two price was dropped from $200 to $49.99. Both prices are for a two-year contract.

Meanwhile, the Kin development team will be joining those working for the Windows Phone 7 operating system.