Mike Comrie’s Teeth Grinding Drives Hilary Duff Out of Bedroom

Engaged couple Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie are no longer sleeping in the same bed. However, it is because of hockey star Comrie’s loud teeth grinding and not infidelity, as what is becoming the trend in Hollywood right now. A report by the National Enquirer claims that singer-actress Duff asked Comrie to seek medical help, as she cannot get some shut eye with the hockey player producing noises when they are sleeping.

Duff is reportedly sleeping on a sofa to get much-needed rest. Comrie has reportedly told Duff that he will ask his doctor to provide him a mouth guard to stop his teeth grinding. Teeth-grinding related stress aside, Duff is reportedly having a relaxed time preparing for their upcoming wedding. Haylie Duff, Hilary’s sister, was quoted as saying that that bride-to-be is “really relaxed and wants something comfortable and great. She’s just so excited to be engaged.”

Comrie, who plays for the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers, proposed to the “Lizzie McGuire” star in February while they were on Holiday. The two have been an item for about three years now. Before dating Comrie, Duff had a two-year relationship with Good Charlotte vocalist Joel Madden. Duff and Madden broke up in 2006, the same year the former teen star’s parents divorced.