Mila Kunis Praises Jason Segel’s Privates

Watch out Macaulay Culkin. Mila Kunis, who is set to play a stripper in the upcoming “Date Night,” said in a GQ interview that she has only good things to say about “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” co-star Jason Segel‘s manhood.

In a candid interview in GQ’s April issue, Kunis, who has been dating Culkin for years, has this to say about Segel’s full frontal outing in “Sarah Marshall.”

“It’s a nice dick. Well proportioned. Handsome. I have nothing but good things to say about Jason Segel’s penis.”

Kunis, who shoot to fame via the “That ’70s Show,” also dishes about her penchant for manly jokes. “I love a good dick joke,” she says. “Fart jokes. Poop jokes. They’re hilarious. They never get old. But especially not a dick joke.”

The 26-year-old Kunis will appear opposite Tina Fey and Steve Carell in “Date Night,” which is due to open on April 9. After “Date Night,” Kunis will be seen with Natalie Portman in “The Black Swan,” where the two actresses share a sex scene.