Miley Cyrus Death Rumors (again)

Death of Miley Cyrus from a car accident involving a large truck surfaced last weekend. Numerous search engine hits were recorded looking for news articles about the incident. No luck as the singer is still alive and the death news just another rumor.


Miley Cyrus, famous for her hit show Hannah Montana where she plays the daughter of real-life father and singer Billy Ray Cyrus, was already featured in a death rumor last July.

Stars are usually the victims of death rumors. Several other celebrities were announced to be dead along Cyrus. Among them Britney Spears, Jeff Goldblum, Harrison Ford and Louie Anderson. Kanye West was reported to have died in a car accident last month.

Major networks and news channels have no reports of any such incidents, however. The only probable thing related to Cyrus that is dead is her Twitter account.

Cyrus has been on a lot of controversies lately including the Vanity Fair shoot and the dance pole performance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.