Million Dollar Mermaid


A small Israeli town is offering a $1 million reward for proof that a mermaid lives in its waters. Authentic video, pictures or perhaps the creature itself.

That’s a lot of money! But according to the council, “If there really is a mermaid, then so many people and tourists will come, and a lot more money will be made than a $1 million.”

Yeah right. And if the creature doesn’t exist, the reward money will remain safe and unclaimed, while the town profits from the influx of day-trippers vying to get a photograph that will leave them set for life.

In recent months, several residents of Kiryat Yam, a town just a few miles north of Haifa, have reported seeing a strange creature swimming in the sea.

According to numerous eyewitnesses, the nautical nymph looks like a cross between a little girl and a dolphin. It only comes out at dusk— does all kinds of tricks— then disappears.

What do you think? Do mermaids exist?

My guess is that the toxic pollution in the Haifa Bay has created some mutant form of dolphin.