Mixed Reactions Surface as US Federal Government Sues Arizona

140px-US-DeptOfJustice-SealThe United States federal government has filed a suit against the state of Arizona which is implementing a new law this coming July 29 making illegal immigrant status as a crime.

The Justice Department filed the suit Tuesday, July 6. In its arguments, the department said the new state law unconstitutionally usurps federal authority to enforce immigration laws.

Several lawmakers, more from the Republican Party and some from the Democratic Party however are not happy with the suit. Though they believe that it is the federal government’s role to control immigration, they think that Arizona should not be punished for acting after the federal government failed to do its responsibility.

The American Civil Liberties Union commented on the government’s move by welcoming it. “We will continue to aggressively pursue our legal challenge and welcome the Justice Department’s participation in the battle to preserve American values of fairness and equality.” The group also filed their separate suit against the state law early this year.

Arizona has the most entries of illegal immigrants. An estimated 460,000 are living in the state as illegal immigrants. This probably helped Governor Jan Brewer to sign the measure into law last April.