MMS Comes to AT&T iPhones


Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is finally coming to iPhones running on the AT&T network. It is reported to arrive via a software update from Apple today.

MMS is a feature of most mobile phones that enables sending of multimedia objects such as photos, short videos and audio files to other MMS-capable phones without necessarily utilizing the email protocol. Generally included even in entry-level handsets, the nonappearance of MMS in the connectivity and media powerhouse that is the iPhone has been considered by many as one of its glaring flaws since its launch, along with the absence of the so-called holy trinity of text inputting: cut, copy and paste. It should be noted though that both flaws, as well as other minor ones, have been addressed and promised by Apple through the release of iPhone OS 3.0 last July.

As expected, iPhone OS 3.0 enabled iPhones that were properly updated to cut, copy and paste, among others, but MMS capability turned out to be a rather different story. Although MMS was included in the update, it could not be activated if the carrier on which your iPhone was running did not support it yet. A number of mobile carriers in different countries were on the initial list of carriers to support MMS on iPhones. AT&T was not on that list.

Today, with the release of a minor but useful update to iPhone OS 3.0, AT&T will officially join that list.

[Image via Gizmodo]

UPDATE: Released: AT&T iPhone MMS capability via iTunes update