Stolen Monet Painting Recovered in Poland

The only painting by French artist Claude Monet to be in public display in Poland, Beach in Pourville, was recovered in Olkusz. The man who is suspected to have stolen it was arrested.Beach-at-Pourville

The man whose name is only given as Robert Z., 41, will face up to ten years if convicted.

The painting, original translated as Plage de Pourville, is a study of a beach in northern France. It is an impressionist work and was created in 1882. It was stolen from the Poznan National Museum on September 19, 2000. The painting was cut from the frame and was replaced with a copy. At that time, the value of the painting is at one million dollars (613,586 pounds, 690,000 euros).

A man was seen to have been sketching paintings from the museum two days before the theft. They believe the man to be Robert Z.

It was not reported where exactly it was found. It has been returned to Poznan National Museum for authentication, and its current value is up for estimation.