Monster Energy Drink Scam

monster energy drink photo

This is a classic case of David versus Goliath where the big guy bullies the smaller guys. Hansen, owner of the Monster Energy Drink is attacking a small company (Rock Art Brewery) in Vermont who is brewing beer called Vermonster. According to Hansen’s lawyers, the Vermonster drink is infringing on the Monster Energy Drink brand. The energy drink also claims that consumers will likely be confused with the two products. How ridiculous is that?

First, the energy drink (which tastes like camel piss according to several reports) is in a different market than Vermonster. The energy drink is well in the energy drink market while Vermonster is in the alcoholic beverages side. No infringement at all. Second, this has been verified by trademark lawyers and they classify this case as a “nuisance lawsuit”.

Hansen has ordered the Rock Art Brewery to “cease and desist” from distributing the Vermonster beverage.

The real motive behind this lawsuit can be seen from Matt’s (owner of Rock Art Brewery) response back to Hansen. Apparently, Hansen wants to enter the alcoholic beverage market as well that is why they are trying to destroy the Rock Art Brewery as early as now. Yes, greed has taken over corporate America…again.

But this doesn’t go unnoticed. Many have already pledged their support for Matt and his Rock Art Brewery. If you want, you can do so too by spreading the word and by not buying any Hansen products.

In the end, let us hope that this story ends much like the original David and Goliath story where David brings down the much bigger Goliath not only to his knees, but also to his graveyard.