Morning After Contraceptive Pill Gets Advisers Approval

ellaoneThe advisory committee for Reproductive Health Drugs has approved to recommend the ellaOne morning after pill.

The pill is for women who have had unprotected sex or for those who used another method of contraception that have failed. EllaOne will be able to reduce the chances of pregnancy for up to five days after sex, that’s more than a couple of days longer than the days guaranteed by the currently most used morning after pill in the United States, which is the Plan B.

EllaOne is already approved in Europe. However, the panel recommended that the pill may not be as effective for heavier women, like those with body mass index of above 30.

Some groups, like anti-abortionist groups, said that the drug is more of an abortion pill rather than as a contraceptive pill.

The Food and Drug Administration is not required to conform to a panel’s advice but they do so most of the time.