Morphine Overdose Killed Slipknot Bassist

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray was killed by an accidental drug overdose, an autopsy of the 38-year-old rock star showed. Police said on Monday that Gray overdosed on morphine and morphine-substitute fentanyl.

Investigators said there is no evidence that Gray was taking morphine with a doctor’s clearance, although the autopsy also revealed that the bassist may have been suffering from a heart disease at the time of his death. Gray was found in his room at a Des Moines suburban hotel on May 25. A hypodermic needle and some pills were found inside Gray’s room, said in a call to 911. Police said they will be investigating how Gray obtained the prescription drugs. Charges may also be filed, but Sgt. Dave Disney, the Des Moines police spokesman, said it is still not known what charges will be filed if ever.

Gray was one of the founding members of Slipknot, a band known for the masks its members wear during performances. Slipknot released its debut album in 1999 and earned a Grammy award in 2006 for the single “Before I Forget.”