Moscow Subway Blasts Leave Dozens Dead

Explosions at two separate stations of Russia’s busy Moscow metro subway have left at least 34 people dead, reports said. An official from the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry said in an interview that some 22 people are confirmed dead at the Lubyanka station. Meanwhile, a spokesman from the Moscow city police said at least a dozen people were killed at the Park Kultury station.

It is unclear what caused the twin explosions, but investigators suspect the attacks may have been carried out by suicide bombers. Rebels in the disputed Chechnya region had attacked the subway in the past, but authorities have yet to name suspects in the Monday morning rush hour attacks.

Initial reports said around 40 minutes separated the explosions, with the first attack occurring at the Lubyanka station. The explosions are reminiscent of the 2004 attacks, where no less than 50 people died in separate bombings in February and September of that year.