Mother gives birth to octuplets in California


A mother has given birth to octuplets (eight babies) in a hospital Monday in Bellflower, 30 kilometers south of Los Angeles.

“Today we had an unprecedented, very exciting day when we, our team of 46 physicians, nurses as well as respiratory therapists delivered eight babies, all alive born and very vigorous,” said Karen Maples, an obstetrician/gynecologist at the hospital managed by the Kaiser Permanente group.

The woman, who has not been identified, gave birth by cesarean section to six boys and two girls said doctors at the hospital.

It was just the second live octuplets birth in U.S. history. . The last set were born in Texas and turned 10 years old last month.

The doctors and mother, who were only expecting to deliver seven babies, were shocked when baby no. 8 made an appearance too.

“It’s quite easy to miss a baby when you have seven. Performing an Ultrasound is very difficult,” admitted Dr. Harold Henry.

The babies were born nine weeks premature but described their condition as stable. They weighed between 1lb 8oz and 3lb 4oz. Two were placed on ventilators and a third needed oxygen.