Motorola plans to launch Android Social Smart Phone in 2009

Motorola is getting ready to release a new smart phone based on G1’s Android phone that will support Gmail and Youtube but will focus on social networking features such as Facebook and MySpace according to BusinessWeek.

Motorola’s version of the android will also feature an iPhone-like touch screen and a slide-out “QWERTY” keyboard just like the G1 Android Phone or BlackBerry’s Storm.

People from Motorola did not elaborate its plans about the new phone, but said in a statement:

“We’re excited about the innovation possibilities on Android and look forward to delivering great products in partnership with Google  and the community of developers known as the Open Handset Alliance that are working on the Android operating system.”

Motorola’s Android mobile phone price range is approximately $150 to $180, with a two-year carrier contract on whoever the carrier will be. The phone will most likely to hit US market sometime 2nd quarter next year according to reports.