Movies on Wii Soon Available

Following the competitors, favorite game console Wii will join the bandwagon to offer Netflix video streaming service. That completes the trio with Playstation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360.wii-netflix

The service will start to go live starting spring time in the United States. Netflix members who have regular subscriptions of $8.99 or up will enjoy the video streaming at no extra cost. Xbox subscribers need to pay $50 annually for the same service.

Similar to PS3, a special streaming media disc needs to be inserted in Wii to access a menu that will allow users to select available contents from a pop-up menu. The disc is free and will be sent by Netflix.

There is one catch, however. Unlike the other two consoles, Wii will not be able to offer the videos in high definition. The console is strictly locked at 480p, the high-end specification for standard-definition television. PS3 users will have to do with a workaround while the Xbox 360 reigns supreme in the high-definition feature.

Nintendo has announced that there would be no upgrades for the console, or a new console for that matter, that will be released in the coming months.