Moving Van Seen Outside Jesse James’ Home

A moving van was spotted in front of Jesse James’ home in Seal Beach, California last Friday, April 2.Jesse-James

A couch, a love seat and several boxes were seen being filed out of the house and loaded to the van. A separate car arrived soon. A man and a woman emerged and also picked up some items from the house. The van and the car later drove away together after they have finished loading items.

Actress Sandra Bullock remains in hiding at her Beverly Hills home. She was shortly seen a few days back when she visited a long-time friend.

Bullock left the Seal Beach home last March 15 after learning of the infidelity of her husband. James is reported to have checked in himself at a rehabilitation center in the hopes of fixing his marriage. reports that James has got one of his mistresses pregnant, though she did not have the baby.

Seems like divorce is really on the way.