Mozilla introduces Firefox 4 Beta 1

There is something sleek and shiny which can now be downloaded for free at Mozilla.

The company that claims to be the “world’s best browser” has introduced to the public Mozilla Firefox 4 beta which is available for free at the Mozilla website.

Beta, which can be used for Windows, OS X, and Linux, has introduced amazing improvements such as a new tab location for better visual display (much like Chrome), a new add-ons manager, and includes an HTML5 for HD quality video.

Under the hood, it offers crash protection guaranteed in uninterrupted browsing for Windows, Linux and Mac users. It also has an Indexed DB, Websockets, and JetPack SDK where add-ons can be installed without restarting the browser.

However, Mozilla’s new addition is in its early beta phase. Such a stage is open to unexpected performance quirks such as crashing and unreliability. Despite this fact, the public is welcome to try out the new browser.