Ms. World Brazil finalist Mariana Bridi Da Costa amputated

mariana-bridi-da-costaBrazilian model and former Miss World Brazil finalist Mariana Bridi Da Costa, is battling for her life after her hands and feet was amputated.

Thiago Simoes, Da Costa’s boyfriend said that Bridi fell ill on December 30 and was initially misdiagnosed with kidney stones.

Bridi’s condition worsened and she had to return to the hospital where doctors determined she was suffering from a severe UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Bridi’s doctors found out that she was also suffering from septicimea, a blood infection that limited the supply of oxygen to her extremities.

The septicimea had set in her limbs, cutting off circulation and forcing doctors to amputate her hands and feet.

(via CNN)


Brazilian model Mariana Bridi Da Costa dies