MTV Begins Search for First Twitter Jockey

MTV is taking social networking one step farther as it starts a tedious search for who will become the network’s, if not the world’s, first-ever Twitter Jockey. Trying to take advantage of the popularity of social media networks, MTV is hoping to pick a person who will serve as a bridge between the audience and network bosses, with Twitter and Facebook, among others, as platforms.

MTV has already picked 18 contenders for the coveted position, with the audience given the chance to nominate two other people who will have a chance to become the first-ever TJ. The 20 contenders will try to outdo each other through various tests, which include online challenges that would help show the real characters of the candidates.

The network will cut the 20 hopefuls to five after the challenges, with the finalists facing off in a live finale on August 8. Fans will have a say on who will be MTV’s pioneer TJ. Although the TJ will be working in front of a computer most of the time, he or she would appear on air occasionally.