MTV Looking for First Twitter Jockey

mtv_logoAnyone who has an addiction to Twitter, pay attention.

MTV will be searching for its very first “TJ”, short for Twitter Jockey.

The network has already chosen 18 out of the 20 contestants who will be vying for the position. The two remaining slots will be chosen by viewers. All 20 contestants will be undergoing challenges all throughout summer. Audience will choose the winner among the final five on August 8.

The winner will also win 100,000 USD as a prize and one-year contract job with the company’s office at Times Square.

MTV is looking for someone who can “act as the liaison between the network and its legion of followers online,” someone who is “an enthusiast within the social media world” and someone who will be “dynamic, engaged and energized.”  General Manager Stephen Friedman described the creation of the TJ position as “a natural evolution of how we connect with our audience.”

The first 18 finalists will be introduced to the world on Wednesday, June 16.