Murakami chair powers its attached lamp just by rocking


I hate rocking chairs. I think they’re creepy. Okay, they probably look great in spacious living rooms but definitely not in the attic. And they’re neither comfortable nor relaxing. If I want to unwind, I would rather choose a spongy couch.

However, I wouldn’t mind having this simple and elegantly designed Murakami chair by Rochus Jacob.

You see the OLED lamp on the pole? The light is powered by kinetic energy from the power of you rocking the chair. During the day, it stores energy in an on-board battery back. And at night, stored energy provides power for the lamp.

According to Jacob, “I was looking for opportunities to generate energy through activities we naturally do. The final result is a rocking chair that enables the user to experience production and consumption of electricity in a gentle and rewarding way. An abstract process becomes tangible and eventually cultivates natural awareness. Complexity is covered by simplicity.”

The chair won first prize at the DesignBoom Green Life Competition.

[via DesignBoom]