Must Have Essentials for Your Car’s First Aid Kit

Do you have a first aid kit in your car? If not, now is the time to put one together. First aid kits are essential and extremely useful in times of emergency. They can be used to treat minor injuries as well as more serious injuries while out on the road.

While you can buy pre-prepared car first aid kits, it can be a good idea to create your own. You can buy high quality supplies from leading companies such as Brosch Direct. Not only could it save you money, but pre-packed first aid kits don’t always have everything you might need. If you do decide to make your own, below you will discover the must-have essentials you should include.

Emergency contact information
One thing that you will need if you have an accident while out on the road is emergency contact numbers. Make sure your first aid kit includes all of the numbers you might need. This includes doctors, roadside assistance, family numbers and vets numbers if needed. Anything could happen to your phone so you need to have a backup just in case.

High quality medical supplies
There are quite a few different types of medical supplies you will need to keep in your first aid kit. Plasters, bandages, cloth tape, antiseptic wipes, sterile gauze pads, oral thermometer and instant cold compresses are just some essentials recommended by the Red Cross. You should also carry a first aid handbook. It is all well and good having the right tools in case of emergency, but you also need to know how to use them.

The majority of first aid kits feature the obvious essentials such as plasters, bandages and antiseptic. However, medication is something you don’t always think about. It is a good idea to have numerous types on hand. These include any medications you currently take and preventative medicines such as anti-diarrhea, calamine lotion, aspirin and oral antihistamines.

Non-medical supplies
There are also a few non-medical supplies you will need including a flashlight, tweezers and scissors. When carrying a flashlight, it is important to test it frequently to check it still works. The last thing you need if you break down at night time is to find out your flashlight’s battery is dead. It is a good idea to also add candles and matches just in case anything does go wrong with the flashlight. Safety pins and a turkey baster can also be useful. The baster can be used in case you need to flush out wounds.

Once you have your first aid kit packed and ready to go, don’t forget to regularly check it. The Mayo Clinic has excellent advice on giving your kit a check-up. It is recommended you check the kit at least every three months.

Unfortunately a car first aid kit is often overlooked and only considered important by drivers once an accident occurs. Don’t wait for an accident to happen to realise just how important it is. Pack one today and don’t forget to include everything on the list.