MySpace Agree to Facebook Mash-Up

The Facebook juggernaut continued to gobble up the competition in the social networking wars, this time convincing former champ MySpace to agree to a mash-up.

MySpace, the once mighty social networking site, confirmed that it has signed an agreement with Facebook that would further increase the integration of the two sites. Under the new mash-up deal, users can use their Facebook accounts to log into their MySpace accounts. In addition, users may now sync their Facebook status updates with their MySpace accounts. The Facebook “like” button would also be integrated into MySpace.

MySpace chief executive Mike Jones said the deal is part of the site’s transformation from a purely social networking site to a “social entertainment hub.” ‚ÄúThis new feature is a great illustration of our strategy around social entertainment and enabling the real-time stream,” Jones said.

MySpace has struggled to attract new users over the past several years, while Facebook has steadily ascended the social networking hierarchy with more than 500 million users to date.