myTouch Android Commercial


The new myTouch Android commercial stars hollywood actress Whoopi Goldberg, LA Lakers coach Phil Jackson and motorcycle maven Jessie James. This is the first of a series of ads featuring iconic celebrities from all walks of life. Other celebrities will be revealed as the ads are completed.

Watch the myTouch Android commercial below, uploaded to YouTube by TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington (without any permission whatsoever, he said).

Here are the quotes attributed to each of the 3 celebrities appearing in the commercial:

Whoopi Goldberg: “Here’s the truth, this myTouch is my touch.” Whoopi’s myTouch 3G is all about gaming (she’s big into vampire games, who knew?), looking for shoes and finding the best hot dogs in town- no matter what town she’s in.

Jesse James: “I don’t like the way I look without tattoos and I don’t like the way my phone would look without some kind of artwork on it.” You can’t expect a guy who builds custom bikes for a living to have a stock phone.

Phil Jackson: “myTouch is a miracle tool.” Phil uses his myTouch 3G to stay connected with an entourage befitting a guy who’s almost 7 feet tall: 5 kids, grandkids, players, assistants and the front office. He’s also a gamer and an amateur photographer.

You can visit the official myTouch site to know more about the product.

[via TechCrunch]