Namco’s Dead to Rights: Retribution – A Worthy Resurrection?


Namco has recently resurrected the Dead to Rights franchise, by going all the way back, and starting from scratch with the recent addition to the series “Dead to Rights: Retribution“. View the trailer here.

In the meantime, it seems like just starting from scratch is the popular choice, at least with films, according to G4 writer/personality Andrew Pfister:

“The back-to-the-kitchen approach has become commonplace in the movie and TV industry (see: Battlestar, Batman, Star Trek), and some would argue that Nintendo does this with every Legend of Zelda, but this is the first time that I can remember a game franchise hitting the Big Reset Button.”

In the game, it’s up to you to use Jack Slater, and his companion, the dog Shadow (you’ll be able to play the dog as a full character), to search for clues, and discover a conspiracy. Then there’s the journey through some great fight scenes, original and awesome graphics as you try to discover the secret. The blood is pretty vivid, and the action is hot; we’re looking forward to it!

Written by Latest Devices