Naomi Campbell to be Summoned in War Crimes Trial

After dodging prosecutors several times since June last year, Supermodel Naomi Campbell will now be compelled to say under oath whether she indeed received a blood diamond from former Liberian leader Charles Taylor.

The Special Court for Sierra Leone at Freetown has subpoenaed Campbell to shed light on allegations that she was one of several people who received a rough diamond from Taylor, who is accused of providing weapons to rebels in the 1991-2002 Sierra Leone civil war in exchange for blood diamonds.

Campbell’s testimony is important to prosecutors, who are trying to prove the veracity of the blood diamond-for-weapons deal. Campbell has denied that he received rough diamonds from Taylor. The former Liberian president allegedly gave Campbell a rough diamond in 1997 during an occasion in South Africa hosted by ex-President Nelson Mandela.

Aside from Campbell, actress Mia Farrow and the supermodel’s former agent Carole White are also being summoned to appear in Taylor’s trial, which is being held at The Hague due to security concerns if it was held in Sierra Leone.