Naomi Campbell Walks Out on Interview, Hits Camera

A reporter for ABC News has become the latest victim of supermodel Naomi Campbell‘s notorious temper. Pressed to answer questions regarding her ties to former Liberian President Charles Taylor, Campbell walked out of the interview and appeared to have knocked down a camera as she left the room.

Campbell, who was sentenced to 200 hours community service in 2008 for assaulting two police officers, told the ABC News reporter that she did not want to answer any questions regarding Taylor and whether she received any blood diamond from the warlord. “I didn’t receive a diamond and I’m not going to speak about that.”

However, the reporter tried to squeeze something out of Campbell, forcing the 39-year-old British model to thank the interviewer and leave the set. The reporter could still be heard saying “we’ve been told that you didn’t help the prosecution in this very important case,” referring to a U.N. investigation about Taylor’s alleged involvement in a firearms for blood diamond trade to support insurgency in Sierra Leone, as the camera falls down and Campbell disappears from view.

Watch the video below: