NATO Admits Hitting Libyan Rebels

The NATO operation in Libya has suffered another blow after an Allied Forces airstrike mistakenly targeted a convoy that belonged to rebels fighting the regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Reuters said.

NATO said the attack in the town of Ajdabiyah occurred earlier this week. A NATO statement said Gaddafi’s forces previously occupied the area. “A column of military vehicles including tanks was observed in an area where Gaddafi forces had recently been operating. In a particularly complex and fluid battle scenario, it was assessed these vehicles were a threat to civilians and they were subsequently engaged by NATO aircraft,” the statement read. “NATO can now confirm that the vehicles hit were part of an opposition patrol.” NATO said it had no information on casualties, but a rebel spokesman said at least 16 opposition fighters were injured in the attack, which also destroyed six pick-up trucks.

On Sunday, the Libyan government said another NATO strike, this time in Tripoli, killed several civilians. “Basically, this is another night of murder, terror and horror in Tripoli caused by NATO,” Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said at a hospital where the body of four of the purported victims were brought. Ibrahim’s claim could not be independently confirmed.