NATO Foils Taliban Attack on Air Base

NATO forces have repelled a Taliban attack on an air base in the city of Jalalabad on Monday, killing eight insurgents in the latest skirmish between the group and international forces in Afghanistan.

The attack began when a suicide car bomb struck the eastern gate of the NATO air base at around 7:30AM. Blasts from grenades and other weapons later rung through the area, where traffic was disrupted for several hours. The NATO said two of its soldiers were wounded during the firefight, but they suffered only minor injuries.

The Taliban immediately took responsibility for the attack, which was likely designed to merely saw chaos and reassert the presence of the insurgents in the area.

The attack comes as the nomination of the new commanding general of the US- and NATO-led war in Afghanistan, Gen. David Petraeus, was approved by a US Senate panel. The full senate will hold a vote on Wednesday to confirm the appointment of Petraeus, who replaces controversial Gen. Stanley McChrystal. US President Barack Obama replaced McChrystal after the general’s biting comments of the White House’s handling of the Afghan war appeared in a Rolling Stone article.